Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The Young Visitors!

Signal Box - this panel had been started much earlier in the project but Carole had been saving the sky for these young visitors, who arrived with their father on a day not unlike the one in the photo above.

Lois aged 6 

and Riley aged 2

After a while Riley became more intrigued with 
the antics of Charlie Whippet,

but Lois remained fully engrossed

and didn't really want to go home!

We think they made a brilliant job of the sky 
(with a little help on the clouds from Carole!) 

What a Difference a Day Makes

Maureen Walvin and Grey Gibson continued the work on the Puddle Jumping panel. Predictably enough, the weather changed once again, the day was punctuated by heavy cloud and intermittent showers. 

but we stayed warm and dry

with a plentiful supply of tea!

Both found that mosaic making reminded them of 
their own experience of painting and quilting

and said the process was surprisingly relaxing.

Grey brought the gift of some much needed green tiles 
which added contrast to the areas they were working on. 

We are sure that the children from Priory Lower School
will be delighted when they see their puddlesome
adventure captured in mosaic form.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hats on - Here Comes the Sun!

In contrast to the photo above - the inspiration for the Puddle Jumping panel - this was a day of glorious sunshine so we were able to work outside Carole's studio between the ripening cherries and the two budlea.


The unusually strong sunlight lead to 
some creative approaches to headgear 

from Sonja Wilson who niftily 
converted her bag into a sunhat

and Phiona Richards who pressed her 
Transported hat into good service.

Whilst working, we also had the 
company of many butterflies and bees

and we're happy to report that the panel 
is progressing well!

Friday, 26 July 2013

Stevie Way Group Panel Complete!

Field and Fence Panel - Grouting

After much painstaking work it was finally time for Carole Miles and Lucy Anderson to grout the Field and Fence panel. It is also at this stage it's very easy to think ......

"Oh my goodness, where has the all the colour gone!"

as the tiles temporarily disappear beneath the layer of grout. Because it was such a warm day it was also important to work swiftly and not allow too much excess grout adhere to the surface. Once they had checked that all the gaps had been filled, the grouting team set to work gently removing all the unwanted grout from the panel whilst ensuring that they didn't remove too much from between the tiles.

After the washing down was complete and the grout had had time to set, it was time to do one of the most pleasurable jobs, buffing and polishing the surface. It is at this point the tiles reveal their individual and collective beauty. 

Ta Dah! 

Field and fence - panel number five is complete!


The aftermath - tools and gloves soaking

Lucy and Carole checking diaries to see when work could continue on the remaining panels. It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago Lucy had never worked with mosaics before and now she is raring to get on with another panel. Bravo team!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Puddle Jumping Panel Begins

Ros and Carole have begun work on Puddle Jumping a panel inspired by a trip made to Brampton Halt by children at Priory Lower School during the Tracing Our Tracks project in 2012. You can read about the children's visit and their time with Carole and Word In Edgeways storyteller Allan Davies here.

Even though the visit took place in the month of July there had been heavy rain the day before which resulted in plenty of very large, rather muddy puddles which just had to be explored! Carole was inspired by the children's delight at wading or jumping through puddles, in many cases, for the first time, hence the title of this panel! 

Shednology stalwart, Lucy had a burning question ...

"If I get the tiling finished today can we grout it tomorrow?!"

Carole had hoped to involve the children at the school in the making of this panel but unfortunately there was a mix-up and on the day she went to start work the children were away at their Sports day and there wasn't another date available before the end of term. However we are sure they will feel proud to know that a day they shared with the Back To Books team has become part of this project too! It's early days for the Puddle Jumping panel but we will keep you posted on it's progress, we're liking the look of it so far though!

Free Concert - Coronation Park July 27th

Come and see the fabulous, inspirational Barb Jungr, the mighty Head of Snakes, the awesome Gareth Fuller and the very excited Corby Community Choir who will be performing in Coronation Park on Saturday!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Back To Books Shednologist Lucy Anderson - Fields and Fences Panel Progress

The Field and Fence panel has become something of a passion for poet Lucy Anderson and she has been a regular shednologist in Carole's studio this summer.

This is Lucy's first experience of mosaic making

every week the panel grows a bit more

During the course of the afternoon there is much tea, talk, a bit of singing and if Carole is very lucky, some new poems to enjoy!

We can't wait to see it when it's finished.

Carole originally intended this sheepdog

seen resting along the Valley way to feature in the panel

but later decided to edit him out in favour of  a simple slice of coutryside. 

If you would like to read some of Lucy's poems, visit the Made in Northamptonshire Shop before July 26th where her work responds to the drawings of artist Minnie Teckman in the collaborative exhibition drawn from Minnie's Project Dogwalk. Here is a link to a blogpost about the exhibition. There are also many lovely things to buy in the shop made by artists and craftspeople in the county.