Friday, 26 July 2013

Field and Fence Panel - Grouting

After much painstaking work it was finally time for Carole Miles and Lucy Anderson to grout the Field and Fence panel. It is also at this stage it's very easy to think ......

"Oh my goodness, where has the all the colour gone!"

as the tiles temporarily disappear beneath the layer of grout. Because it was such a warm day it was also important to work swiftly and not allow too much excess grout adhere to the surface. Once they had checked that all the gaps had been filled, the grouting team set to work gently removing all the unwanted grout from the panel whilst ensuring that they didn't remove too much from between the tiles.

After the washing down was complete and the grout had had time to set, it was time to do one of the most pleasurable jobs, buffing and polishing the surface. It is at this point the tiles reveal their individual and collective beauty. 

Ta Dah! 

Field and fence - panel number five is complete!


The aftermath - tools and gloves soaking

Lucy and Carole checking diaries to see when work could continue on the remaining panels. It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago Lucy had never worked with mosaics before and now she is raring to get on with another panel. Bravo team!

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  1. "My times in Carole's shed/studio are golden," Lucy Anderson, Mosaic contributor