Thursday, 25 July 2013

Puddle Jumping Panel Begins

Ros and Carole have begun work on Puddle Jumping a panel inspired by a trip made to Brampton Halt by children at Priory Lower School during the Tracing Our Tracks project in 2012. You can read about the children's visit and their time with Carole and Word In Edgeways storyteller Allan Davies here.

Even though the visit took place in the month of July there had been heavy rain the day before which resulted in plenty of very large, rather muddy puddles which just had to be explored! Carole was inspired by the children's delight at wading or jumping through puddles, in many cases, for the first time, hence the title of this panel! 

Shednology stalwart, Lucy had a burning question ...

"If I get the tiling finished today can we grout it tomorrow?!"

Carole had hoped to involve the children at the school in the making of this panel but unfortunately there was a mix-up and on the day she went to start work the children were away at their Sports day and there wasn't another date available before the end of term. However we are sure they will feel proud to know that a day they shared with the Back To Books team has become part of this project too! It's early days for the Puddle Jumping panel but we will keep you posted on it's progress, we're liking the look of it so far though!

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