Sunday 25 September 2011

New Vistas - Family Drawing Days

Family Drawing Days
Saturday October 22nd, 10am – 12.00pm and - 3pm
Morning session will take place in the Chamber Foyer on level 2
The Afternoon session will be in the Library

Tuesday October 25th,10am – 12.00pm and - 3pm
Both sessions will take place in the Chamber Foyer

You will be working with artists Carole MIles, Lisa Wilkinson and Sarah Stringer making beautiful marks and lines that express the changing landscape as seen from the windows and secret spaces in the Cube. A variety of drawing materials will be provided.

Parents and children, young and old are invited to come and draw in the Cube to celebrate the town’s new vistas and changing horizons. Some drawings will be selected to become prints on hanging cotton columns, which will be suspended in the Chamber foyer during November 2011. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

The Big Draw is a national initiative to get everyone to take delight in making their mark! We hope to see you there. We'd love to know if you'll be joining us so follow the link to sign up for either or both days.

Parking is quite good, there's a Car Park behind the Cube but the but make sure you put in enough money as the Parking Wardens are fierce & merciless!

The Core is inside the Cube so the directions on the link below are the same

New Vistas Workshop - Cushion the

Cushion the

Monday 10th October 10am –

Working with artist Carole Miles you will be recycling fabrics and drawing with threads, exploring new vistas and creating images of the landscape seen from the secret spaces in the Cube, in Corby. These images will be made into cushions which will form a temporary installation on the seating in the Chamber foyer in the Cube in November 2011.

There are places for between 10 and 20 participants, the events are free and materials will be provided, but you may need your own sewing machine for this event. Work will be exhibited in the Cube in November and will be yours to keep after the exhibition.

Refreshments will be provided but please bring your own lunch.

If you'd like to secure a place please follow the link and ad your name.

New Vistas Workshop - Tea With a View

Tea With a View

Saturday October 8th

1pm - 4pm

The workshop will be lead by artist Carole Miles who has been collecting crockery for many years. Earlier this year she sampled the delights of up-cycling at the Highgate Tea Rooms with the wonderful Ether Coombes and was inspired to pass on the up-cycling love in Corby! Carole has a few pieces of Esther's work to inspire you!

During this session participants will be able to make drawings of the views seen from the windows before applying them to recycled china (up-cycling) to create a temporary installation - the crocks will be yours to keep after the work has been exhibited! The workshop will be taking place in the Chamber Foyer.

The event is free and materials will be provided, but if you have some odds and ends of china you would like to bring with you to transform, please feel free to do so! There are places for between 10 and 20 participants but spaces are booking up fast!

If you'd like to secure a space please follow the link and add your name.

Preparations Are Underway

Preparations are now well underway, Carole Miles, Sarah Stringer and Lisa Wilkinson met with J Devereux and toured the building and explored the spaces they will be working in during the drawing days.

Carole also tested out the prototype floating columns that will eventually be printed with participants drawings.

Michael Miles has been hard at work

making the hangers and hoops for the floating columns.

Carole met with tutors from Tresham College and gave presentation to a group of students who will be making textile pieces for Cushion the Landscape.

Sample piece for the students whizzed up textile tutor Marie Taylor

A group of students will also be coming across to the Cube to make drawings on site. We are very excited that students from Tresham College will be creating textiles and drawings as part of our project. We have also experimented with our first Mailchimp Newsletter and have had bookings for some of the events already. We'd like to give a huge thank you shout out to Carolyn Bushell, Northamptonshire Open Studios Coordinator, who who has kindly forwarded the Newsletter to her contacts.

If you'd like to be included in our mailing list please don't hesitate to contact us.

New Vistas, Wider Horizons - Our latest project!

Back to Books is staging a series of community drawing events that will become part of the national drawing initiative The Big Draw which takes place during the month of October every year. We have permission to explore and draw in the secret spaces inside the Cube, an iconic new building, which is fast becoming the hub of community life. The Cube houses the Council Chambers, Library and Theatre and offers spectacular views of Corby’s changing urban & rural landscapes. Participants will use a variety of different drawing mediums from pencil to thread and working on unusual or recycled supports in order to up-cycle old china or utilize discarded garments as well as drawing with / on more conventional materials. The project will culminate in an exhibition in November 2011. The project is being delivered in partnership with Corby Borough Council and has been supported by funds raised by back To Books and The Northamptonshire Community Foundation Constance Travis Trust.