Wednesday 31 October 2012

Scoping the Brampton Valley Way (again!)

We had always hoped to site mosaic way markers along the valley way and it has taken three years to raise the money - many thanks to Northamptonshire Community Foundation and Midlands Cooperative Society for helping to make this dream a reality. 

Rangers Chris Howe and Dan Hurst opening the gates so we can scope the Valley Way by van

Under the bridge looks like a good place

Near this bench perhaps?

Exploring the Triangular Meadow

and finding the Great Burnet

One of the bridges near the Market Harborough End

Artist Carole Miles will be creating 12 designs based on photographs taken during our photography walks. Carole will make 6 panels herself and work with groups and individuals on the other 6. We are excited to see what she will come up with!

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Kelmarsh Tales of Terror

It may have taken a while but finally 
we were able to take our seats 

in amongst the trees with that master of tales

Allan Davies

Occasionally leaves twirled down from branches

landing on the picnic table and forest floor whilst Allan drew us into his world of stories both ancient and strange.

After an alfresco lunch we walked back from the New Covert, and steeling our nerves we ventured into the open side of Kelmarsh Tunnel 

with only the light of glow sticks and the 

eerily beautiful flute playing of our Pied Piper to guide us. 

You can see / hear part of the story here, even in the dark, damp tunnel, we were captivated and on the way back out, buoyed up by the experience we tested out or skills as ghosts and ghouls, making as much noise as we could!

We noticed that the trees and bushes were heavy with berries, more red than green, a sign of the winter to come.

This was our final event on the Brampton Valley Way as part of our On the Right Track project. It's been a walk through the seasons that has brought pleasure and new experiences for all who took part. 

Back to Books would like to thank Awards For All, Canada Council For the Arts, the Northampton and Lamport Railway, Northamptonshire County Council, Word in Edgeways, Kathy Page, Ros Stoddart, Carole Miles, Andrew Rushton and all our walkers, cyclers, readers, makers and writers for making this such a special project.

We are, however, not quite ready to leave the Valley Way behind us, we have a new project planned and funding secured from Northamptonshire Community Foundation and Midlands Co-operative Society Making a Difference Fund, for the creation of a series of mosaic Way Markers to be sited along the route! 

Monday 1 October 2012

We Were Nominated!

Maureen Walvin and Carole Miles were proud to attend the Northamptonshire Community Foundation Annual Awards which took place at The Royal Theatre in Northampton. Back To Books was nominated for an "outstanding contribution to the community" in the Sports, Culture and Heritage. The project nominated was New Vistas, Wider Horizons which took place at the Cube last October. We didn't win but we feel like winners having been placed in the same company as so many inspirational organisations and community projects. It was a wonderful evening and many thanks to the amazing team at Northamptonshire Community Foundation who continue to make wonderful things possible within the community!