Sunday 25 January 2015

Artspace Sculpture Network New Year Brunch 2015

Artists and guests shared soup and cake

explored the work in the studio and garden spaces

and raised a glass to celebrate the Sculpture Network New Year Brunch

by Phiona Richards

Disappeared 43 by Carole Miles

Artist Multiple given as a gift 

Singing Ringing by Carole Miles

Graham Keddie MRBS (Stamford Rd)

Susan Williams MRBS

The Measure of Things by Miles and Dacombe inspired by conversations at The Green Patch and on the Grange estate. This was a wonderful opportunity for the community to see that great art can happen in the most unexpected places! Work arrived or was made for just one day. If you missed the exhibition you can see a wider selection of the work on show on the Grange at the Size Matters show here 

Wednesday 21 January 2015

Threads and Chatter - Threaded Mandalas at KBA

Artist Phiona Richards lead another delightful 
Threads and Chatter session at KBA.

Using lolly sticks and stirrers 

to create the spokes of a wheel 

the group wrapped colourful yarns 

around the spokes to create a woven 

pattern which could be hung in a window.

Excellent work and great fun!
See the rest of the photos here

Friday 16 January 2015

The Binding Thread - Drawing with Light

In the dark afternoons of winter it is great to run about 

shedding a glow of light. 

We created blur images and static glow 

with artist Carole Miles and many glowsticks. 

The photos were created in December 2014

and January 2015