Wednesday, 27 August 2014


We are very sad, disheartened and furious to report that some time in the last week the Spratton Weather Vane panel has been stolen from the Brampton Valley Way Cycle Path. It took three years and many hours of hard work to secure the funding to make this project a reality. You can read about how artist Carole Miles designed and made the panel, how long it took and what inspired it here

We took care to site this in a place that would not be easily accessible.The panels were screwed and glued to prevent theft / vandalisation.

Carole Miles, Dan Hurst, Ranger at Brixworth Country Park and project participant Carolyn Bantin are hugely disappointed in the members of the community who thought it was okay to steal or damage a piece of work belonging to the community. 

Mark and Ricky who volunteered their time, skill, care and energy to make and install the frames and posts for the set of mosaics are disgusted that their efforts to make something beautiful for their community has been wasted.

 You can see how much pride they took in a job well done,

 a job done by and for the community.

If anyone has any information about the theft of this public artwork please contact Park Ranger Dan Hurst  0160 - 488 9478 or report any suspicious activity near the panel to Northamptonshire Police Force

The project was made possible with funding raised by Back To Books a not for profit community organisation and 

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Summer Project at Lodge Park Sports Centre

Carole Miles was invited to work with Kate Dyer from Corby Community Arts and children taking part in summer activities with SPLAT at Lodge park Sports Centre. Our task was to generate images to create three banners expressing the Commonwealth Values - Humanity, Destiny and Equality. They used pre cut bird templates and the children created templates of their own hands. They then made collograph  prints of birds and hands. They also created sheets of designs using stamps and the words Humanity, Destiny and Equality. They decided to use a restricted colour palette to help unify the eventual banner designs. Here are a few of the prints the children created during the making sessions.