Monday 8 August 2016

Celebrating Our Senses - Walk 1 - Taste

Our walk location was Rushden, our mindfulness meditation focused on Taste and we adapted this One Raisin Meditation  to one Blackberry. For some it was the first time they had tasted a wild Blackberry. We walked into a wooded area, with a bumpy pathway which lead us to a place where we could forage for Blackberries on what may have been an old industrial site but one which has Mirabelle Plums, Damsons and Rosehips as well as Blackberries. Carolyn thought the blackberry bushes might have been part of market garden and is a well know and loved area for local foragers.


We had previously contacted Rushden Transport Museum to ask if we could visit with our group and weather permitting, eat our picnic on the platform. We were made so welcome, the weather was perfect and we were able to visit the Museum as well.

 The station platform was a perfect place for our picnic

Tasty croutons, dips, tomatoes

Carolyn's stuffed roasted vegetable loaf 
adapted from a Paul Hollywood recipe

We also sampled some of our foraged blackberries with yoghurt and granola, sat in the sun, got to know each other and made a start on our Walk Journals

After exploring the Museum

and the Station

we walked back to our cars whilst sharing impressions of the day.

Walk distance 1 mile.

The was first in a series of Mindfulness and Wellbeing "Celebrating Our Senses" walks made possible with a Grant awarded from Margaret Giffen Community Fund and Northamptonshire Community Foundation and with support from NStep.

Here are some links to tasty recipes you might like to try.