Monday 14 August 2017

Branching Out - East Carlton Park

Carolyn leading our mindfulness meditation

After closing our eyes, focussing on breathing 
we became more relaxed in our den-like woodland space

Carole brought out materials for intervention

inviting us to choose three different coloured paper circles which we cut and decorated then shaped and pieced together to create flower forms. 

We added them to garden sticks and moved logs and twigs to create a secret garden to planted our paper flowers. 

Mindfulness Secret Garden

We discussed how we sometimes felt

and turned our backs on our troubles

We had permission to leave the flowers for others to find and we headed off to explore other parts of the park

We discovered one of the many intriguing carved wooden sculptures on the Story Trail that punctuates the park walking trails.

Just beyond this point we discovered an Owl

We asked him to direct us to a good place for our picnic, he made no reply but we did find a sheltering tree just before the rain came. We didn't mind getting a little damp as the walk had give us a hearty appetite! Below are links to some of he things we discovered.

Mysterious twisty tree

A path to the trees

To print off park leaflets click on the title:
  • The Lavender Lady
  • The Kings Folly Cartoon Leaflet
  • The Hall - The Hall unfortunately is not open to the public but can be viewed from the park.  The present Hall, built in 1863 on the site of the previous Hall is thought to be the third Hall on this site.  Like all old buildings, it does have a ghost who has on occasions been known to visit the Old Coach House (refer to The Lavender Lady leaflet).
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