Tuesday 17 January 2012

Exploring Brixworth

"On The Right Track" January Photography Walk explored the area around and inside All Saints Church Brixworth, part of Brixworth village and views overlooking the Brampton Valley Way. You can find out more about the Church here

"perhaps the most imposing architectural monument  
of the 7th century yet surviving north of the Alps"  
-- Sir Alfred Clapham

photograph by Lorraine Dziarkowska

It was a cold, crisp Sunday afternoon, there had been a hard frost earlier

photograph by Meriel White

The allotments in December during scoping walk

and the afternoon was suffused with a wonderful light, 
frozen droplets, icy gems, glittered on 
vegetable leaves in the fields and on the allotments. 

Andrew Rushton led a group of photographers from various parts of the county,

photograph by Meriel White
who walked, talked and captured moments.

photograph by Sonia Hawes

January Walk in Brixworth

Sun, strong for January, with surprising warmth
though foggy breath from chatting mouths 
hangs in the shadows.
Golden sandstone glows in the yellow light,
berries - left by the birds after the bumper harvest - 
bright against the clear blue sky,
a vapour trail shows white against the blue.
frost edges the grass blades in icy spikes,
but the rape growing in the sun,
shows diamond drops containing rainbows in its leaves.

In the hedgerow a  strange sight comes into view,
the twisted trunk of an ancient hawthorn
grown around the old wooden fence rail so completely 
the rail passes through its centre.
A robin sings, a blackbird bounces across the allotment
a blue shed another jewel in the mass of brown and green.
Another shed with peeling paint and a bundle of long, 
bamboos leant against the mottled wood
nestling in the brown earth and tawny foliage 
could be the subject of a Stanley Spencer painting
Inside the church  a musty smell overlaid with incense,
coloured light spilling through the stained glass 
onto the stone floor and exotic patterned carpets.

Sonia Hawes

photograph by Sonia Hawes

Andrew (ex RAF and a man on a mission) 
made everyone laugh with his comment 
"don't look at that now, you can see it on the way back"!

 There was a great sense of stretch and release.

photograph of Carole & Charlie by Meriel White

Peaceful contemplation and relaxation

photograph by Meriel White

photograph by Lorraine Dziarkowska

There was also coffee and a nip of whisky after our explorations, much conversation, laughter and a clinking of mugs in order to to embrace the new year. Smiling faces looking forward to the walks to come. January Flickr set is taking shape!

Saturday 7 January 2012

We've Been Shortlisted For an Epic Award!

We are delighted to have been one of seven groups in England to have been shortlisted for an Epic Award. We have been profiled on the website (www.epicawards.co.uk) and you will have until mid-January to vote for us!
There will be a People's Choice prize for the English group that receives the most public votes, so make sure all your friends and family give you us the 'thumbs up'! If you follow to the link and look for Back to Books in the shortlisted groups in England you'll find the Like button to press there - the more Likes the better please so spread the word!