Tuesday 22 October 2013

My Old China - Up-cycling in Litchborough

We spent a lovely morning 

in Litchborough Village Hall 

giving some unloved old china a new lease of life.

You can see more of our remaking and remodelling here

Sunday 13 October 2013

Can You Help Us During Grow Your Tenner Match Fund 2013?

A little bird told us that Grow Your Tenner is getting closer! Beginning on October 15th, the Match Fund will keep matching donations until £500,000 has been given away!

Back To Books has a page on Localgiving.com and is eligible to take advantage of this promotion.

Ann Leonard, Margot Norris and Maureen Walvin with our Royal Oak from our Jubilee Tree Planting

From small acorns great oaks grow and so we are trying to rally all our supporters, as well as past, present and future participants to ask them to help us. Each donation of up to but not more than £10 will be matched from the Grow Your Tenner fund.

A donation of £10  can be worth up to £22.50:

£10 donation
+£2.50 Gift Aid
+£10 Match funding
Total = £22.50

The £500,000 will be split into two pots of £250,000. £250,000 will match £10 donations as above while the second £250,000 will be used to match new Direct Debits. The first six monthly payments of up to £10 will be matched.

We have lots of exciting plans for future projects and a small donation could help us make these ideas a reality. You can find our Local Giving page here. If you click the Projects tab on our page you can see an outline of some of the plans for future projects. With your help our plans will have wings!