Thursday 9 August 2012

A Walk Along the Line

We were curious to know more about the NLR and Gordon Titmuss the Chairman & General Manager was on hand to give us some more information. You can find out more about travelling, visiting or volunteering on the NLR Website and read all the latest news on the Pitsford - Rail Blog. You can also follow them on Twitter

Designed and built by George R Stevenson, the Northampton to Market Harborough line was opened in 1859. It had eight stations, Northampton, Pitsford & Brampton, Spratton, Brixworth, Lamport, Kelmarsh, Clipston and Market Harborough and two tunnels; Kelmarsh at 322 yards long and Oxendon at 462 yards long on the down line (to Market Harborough) and the other bore at 453 yards long on the up line (to Northampton). 

Maureen and Charlie in the Waiting Room

The line had a staggered history, particularly in its final years. It was first closed to passenger traffic on 4th January 1960 but was reopened to through traffic on the 6th January 1969. It was closed again on 1st May 1969 and reopened on 10th July 1972. The passenger service was finally withdrawn on 26th August 1973. The complete history up to the present day can be found here 

Gordon giving us a tour of the Ticket Office 

Mr Bright - Stationmaster at Pitsford during the 1930s

There are many tantalising photographs of bygone stations that were already in ruins in the '60's, how many still remain? You can see glimpses of the sturdy Victorian Station building in the three stations in Northampton, the station that remains today is so dull and depressing. There are very few traces left along the Valley Way, making the work done by the members and volunteers of the NLR extra special.  There will be a host of Autumn and Winter events at the station which will give people the opportunity to buy an ticket and hop on board!