Monday 23 January 2017

Celebrating Our Senses - Walk 6 - Location

The sixth in a series of Mindfulness and Wellbeing walks.

Our Mindfulness meditation - Location - was lead by Carolyn Bantin. Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation.

We have found that to start 
each walk with a meditation 
helps to create a calming, 
warming, gentle frame of mind.

It is an excellent aid for 
slowing thoughts down, 
helping us relax into the walk 
and our surroundings.

Carole had swapped a felted landscape vessel for some ceramic pebbles by artist Lincoln Kirby Bell who has been creating pebbles and leaving them in hidden locations all over the world

"its just been a means of creating a curiosity for the finder, having a bit of fun,mischief and giving the finder cause to contemplate its significance, how it got there, who left it and why. I have dropped pieces deep in the worlds oceans, in rivers and lakes, buried them in the rain forest of central America, left them in the Australian desert, in the Himalayan mountains, on the busy streets of New Delhi, London and Marrakesh just to name a few of the places they have been deposited in the more than 40 countries of the world I have lived, worked and travelled in during the last 25 years." Lincoln Kirby Bell

We  walked into the clearing, chose our pebble, making sure to enjoy it's qualities before we each found a place to hide it. 

We found pieces of salt glaze stoneware edging, bricks trapped in earth, stones and trees covered in moss.

Eye eye

Peeping out

Stone circle

If you found one of our hidden pebbles 

we would love to know!

It must have been very cold overnight as we found some large lumps of ice which became a mini installation with sea glass and shell from Carolyn's pocket.

Walking along the path it was kind of grey

walking back we had mist through trees 
and sparking patches of sunlight

Our picnic was punctuated by music played by Gavin, who hoped to bring one of his many guitars but the unpredictable weather made him worried it might rain. Instead we were treated to a fabulous mini concert via is laptop!

A penny for your thoughts or rather a tin of treasures 
containing Carolyn's Pecan Flapjacks

We loved the beautiful light on the misty field 
opposite and had wanted a group shot in front 
of it - however with the light in the wrong 
place everyone's faces were in shadow

 so we stood in front of the wrought iron gates instead!

Feeling fully fortified we decided we would 
walk the other half of the Pocket Park Trail,
taking time to revisit the mysterious tower 
attached to one of the houses.

The light was changing once again

We found a fantastic den

that Pete just had to try out

and a rope swing.

This was a beautiful walk.
Thank you to everyone that helped make it so special!

Walk distance  4 miles.

The Celebrating Our SensesMindfulness and Wellbeing walks made possible with a Grant awarded from Margaret Giffen Community Fund and Northamptonshire Community Foundation and with support from NStep.