Monday, 31 August 2015

A Glimpse of August

We have had the joy of watching one of the chickens who had become broody, sit on 12 assorted eggs and successfully hatch 7 new chicks! It has been wonderful to see how protective she is, scooting all the chicks under her if anything alarming approaches, and to hear the cheep and cluck to each other.

Sue holding one of the other Green Patch chickens

we found newts in the pond
(they are now back in their home)

the Zinnias 

and sunflowers 

have been glorious!

These tomatoes were on their way to becoming soup

to go with these delicious cheese and herb scones.

The blackberries have been 
plump and delicious

especially when combined with 
the Green Patch apples

bubbling in a pan and on their way to 
becoming blackberry and apple crumble.

Everyone had a crumble to take home - yum!

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Look What We've Made! Hats!

Early in the year Carole and the group spent time cutting up fabric pattern pieces from old jeans and vintage fabrics in order to create marvellous reversible sun hats.

During the summer sessions 

the fabric was sewn together

and modelled out on The Green Patch

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

August Making and Baking - Entries for The Umbrella Fa


Sue had a dream, a dream that all the group would make and bake entries for this year's Umbrella fair in Northampton. Carole was on hand to help with the Animal sculptures made from Green Patch produce and the table gardens. It was a busy, action packed day!

Combine all the ingredients, beat till smooth

add chocolate chips

bake, then decorate,

 four for the show, two to take home.

Vegetable, mineral, animal?

Assorted vegetables about to become

a lion

a turtle

a chicken

the whole menagerie!

The undercover action garden

The fairy garden

The farm garden

Pirate Natalie - inspired by her commended garden, is practicing for next year!
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