Saturday, 24 May 2014

Inked and Laced

Our resident artist and project coordinator Carole Miles was invited to run a lace inspired print making session during the Keep Calm and Carry Yarn day at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford.

This gave Carole the perfect opportunity for some experimentation in her garden studio, using lace donated by a variety of Back To Books members whilst developing a new Remake Remodel activity and the chance to take some more steps further afield. Carole persuaded Back To Books member and walk facilitator Andrew Rushton to accompany her and to help document the work. It was also and opportunity for Andrew to explore the delights of the NCCD and of the area surrounding the building. He loved exploring Sleaford inspite of the torrential rain and took a lovely sequence of images in the rain-less moments! 

The workshop space provided at the NCCD was lovely, as was the group and only one or two had any previous print making experience. As this was a short session prints were made in a variety of quick and simple ways and Carole gave advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of using either too much or too little ink / texture. First impressions were a pathway towards much more successful prints as participants got the feel of what the materials might do and which colours might work best.

 We loved the journey this particular print took

 and were intrigued by the choice of materials.

We also love the way that Carole showed the group

how to get two prints from one pull.

There was also time to explore different ways of

utilising inked or embossed lace and 
both sides of the materials inked.

We feel certain that participants were happy as they left with a sheaf of printed papers which could be remade or remodelled into other things. You can see more impressions here

The day was also a great opportunity to connect with other makers like Anna Steiner, Phiona Richards, Amy Lee and Carol Parker and to see the gorgeous window exhibition by Ruth Singer. There was a wonderful exhibition of jewellery called Jewellery for the Famous and the Infamous taking inspiration from contemporary icons. There was so much to see and many old techniques being used in new ways or new techniques taking craft into new realms. The shop was full of delights including gorgeous work by one of Carole's favourite jewellers  Helen Noakes and we can heartily recommend making a visit or taking a course at the NCCD if you get the opportunity!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Free Drop-in Workshops at The Resource Centre, Kettering Exploring



Do you live in the Avondale / Grange 
ward in Kettering?
If so why not join us For Fun Free Creative Sessions

Join members of BACK TO BOOKS 
and artist Carole Miles  
for a series of two hour drop in sessions 
on Friday afternoons.

The Resource Centre, 
9 Grange Place, Kettering

Friday May 30th, Friday June 6th, 
Friday June 13th, Friday June 20th, 
Friday June 27th, Friday July 11th, 
Friday July 18th, Friday July 25th

Time :- 11.00 am - 1.00 pm

The workshops open to any age but children must be accompanied by an adult. Come and get creative, share words and images, make something, write something to brighten your view from here.  Explore how we feel about where we are and how our viewpoint can change. A great opportunity to have some fun, learn skills and share your thoughts!
Free, friendly, supportive, creative sessions with coffee or tea and good conversation.
Click this link Sign Up Here now so we know you'll be joining us and we can get the kettle on!