Saturday, 30 June 2012

June Photography Walk to Cottesbrooke

Finally a Saturday with weather good enough to walk out in and skies tempting enough to photograph

The rain was only recently behind us and the trail trough the woods was muddy, rutted, scarred by off road tyre tracks.

Gaps in the tree line gave glimpses 

of the landscapes beyond.

We found bees feasting in the dappled shade

and a very active colony creating a hive in a hollow tree.

In spite of the recent rain

ground at the edge of the crops

was cracked and dry.

We waded through long grasses

and found the footpath across a field of sheep.

There was much to explore  

both inside the church

and around the village.

A solitary boy with his skateboard 

played alone on the main street.

The village seemed quiet as the grave

 peaceful as a summer afternoon.

This was a walk of many textures, to see more images from Cottesbrooke please visit our Flickr set here

Monday, 4 June 2012

Fabrication at Brampton Halt

I had hoped to make some up-cycled china delights on the station platform at Brampton Halt during the Jubilee Weekend 

but the rain put paid to that idea, instead I decided that simple fabric corsages would be easy for all ages and skills, quick and would use some of the many scraps of vintage fabric I have been gifted from  friends and friends mums!

I reasoned that if my kit was small and portable I could easily set up shop inside the train and catch participants as they waited for the journey to begin.

This approach worked well 

and soon children, parents and grandparents 

were working together

in spite of some initial shyness.

It was lovely to see people sharing and enjoying a such simple but pleasurable activity 

whilst the lush, damp Northamptonshire countryside rattled by.

I also spent some time in the Buffet car and met people who had travelled from Scotland to spend some time at the station. You can see some of the creators, creations and sterling NLR volunteers showing off their up-cycled finery!

I couldn't resist adding this picture of one of the NLR team tucking into a feast known as The Engineers Special - it seemed to have every element of a tradition English breakfast barring the egg!

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Upcycle a Fabric Corsage at Brampton Halt

All aboard! Back To Books artist Carole Miles be at Northamton & Lamport Railway from 11 - 2  Sunday June 2nd riding the rails & upcycling fabric! Upcycling a fabric corsage with Carole is free - but she will be on one of the trains - catch her while you can!

Train tickets 
Adults £4.60  Child under 2 years: FREE

Senior Citizens and Children (10-15 years) £3.60
Family (2+2) £14.60
All ticket types above are "Day Rover" tickets, valid on all services.
Platform Ticket 50p