Sunday, 25 August 2013

It's All About the Grout!

In a shady corner outside Caroles' Studio (shed) there have been signs of tea drinking, butterfly watching and grouting!

This is the part we look forward to but in spite of gloves there is a certain artist who always gets plenty on herself and her clothes, hence the attractive overall!

Starting to clean away the excess grout

to gently reveal the image beneath

We thought it was nice to include parts of the surroundings to show scale and where most of the work has taken place. What photographs can't really capture is the play of light on the tiles, some of which have a lustre which changes colour as you move round.

So here are Puddle Jumping 

and Signal Box completed!

Many thanks to Andrew Rushton for the photographs and to Lucy Anderson so being such a star. 
11 panels done one to go! 


  1. Thanks Carole for allowing me to be part of your mosiac journey. I loved my first mosiac experience with the glass of Cherry Vodka as accompaniment.

    1. It was great to share my space with you - oh and this years' cherries are bottled and steeping!