Monday, 5 August 2013


This bridge is one of Carole's favourite parts of the Brampton Valley Way and one of the few remaining parts of the original railway line's architecture. 

Each year there is more rust than bridge left, the stair treads have been removed and it stands like a ghostly sculpture in the landscape.

The Northampton and Lamport Railway at Brampton Halt told us that would dearly love to move the bridge to the station and restore it's fragile rusting ironwork, 

but this may be a long way off as they have many other restoration projects underway at the station. It would be wonderful to preserve it, but then again, there is something graceful and strange about it's gradual weathering and decay.

Back in Carole's studio the Bridge mosaic panel begun at Stephenson Way continues to take shape, in spite of the thunder and heavy rain.

In the galley-like workspace, Carole has balanced one end of the panel on an open plan chest drawer and the other on the workbench in order to be able to work on the panel.

This is when the weather and the lack of space prove challenging, it is hard to check whether the colours are working and the lines describing the column are straight, even in the progress photograph, it's still quite hard to judge.

Having a limited budget, it is also a challenge to make the tiles we have and the colours we'd ideally like, stretch to cover the twelve panels. If you feel you'd like to help us overcome this practical concern you can make a donation to the project via our page on We would really appreciate your support, or you could wait until October, when there will be another Match Your Tenner campaign! 

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