Monday 5 December 2016

Celebrating Our Senses - Walk 5 - Touch

The fifth in a series of Mindfulness and 
Wellbeing walks to celebrate our senses. 
We walked from the Green Patch 
along the river path to Warkton.

Inspired by the exquisitely carved feathers 
of the angel which is part of one the 
St Edmunds Church, Warkton

artist Carole Miles decided to create a 
temporary installation of printed feathers 
suspended within a copper framework.

A feather seemed a good motif for Touch - 
which could be feather light yet very powerful.

We followed a trail of feathers

and sat inside or

 stood around the outside.during 
our Mindfulness meditation - Touch - 
was written and lead by Carolyn Bantin 

We felt very tranquil as we closed our eyes
and allowed our minds to hold and enjoy
the words, breathing fully and deeply.
feeling relaxed and in touch with ourselves.

We had our lunch in the meeting room 
whilst the installation was dismantled. 

We folded origami fir trees and 
wrote some thoughts about the day. 

We stopped to play Pooh Sticks on the bridge.

We walked back to our start point with 
quicker steps and lighter hearts. 

One walker said to Carole 
"You make the best walks EVER!"

Many thanks to Anne-Marie Sandos who worked on the Montague Monuments Project and is now working in education and outreach for Boughton House for making it possible for us to visit, create, meditate and have our lunch within this peaceful place. Many thanks also to Michael Miles AKA Copper Man for helping with the installation.

Walk distance  3 miles.

The series of Mindfulness and Wellbeing "Celebrating Our Senses" walks have been made possible with a Grant awarded from Margaret Giffen Community Fund and Northamptonshire Community Foundation and with support from NStep.

PS - you may catch a glimpse of a familiar red head singing her heart out with the Deep Roots Tall Trees Choir  during Remembrance and Rebirth – Songs for the Montagu Monuments in May 2016 :-)

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