Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Planting a Jubilee Wood

Back To Book were awarded a pack of 420 trees of plant along the Brampton Valley Way in November. Originally we had hoped to plant the trees on the site of the Old Keepers Cottage and chose the Wild Harvest pack with the hopes of creating an edible landmark. After several conversations with Ranger Chris Howe this was changed to an All Year Colour pack and due to the quantity of trees, they have been spread out along the Valley Way. Because timings were tight  and the trees needed to be planted, none of the members of Back To Books were able to help with the planting. The trees were planted by the Scouts under Chris's expert guidance and are hopefully thriving.

However all was not lost with regards to Jubilee planting opportunities as Carole Miles, as part of Beanfield Artists, had applied for another Community Tree Pack which she had originally planned to plant during a proposed project near Weldon. The funding for this project was never secured, the project was unable to go ahead and Carole was left with trees but no planting space! During a chance conversation with Rosalind Stoddart FRSA, Independent Cultural Engineer the subject of trees came up. Ros was planning to plant trees in the field behind the Water Tower in Brigstock, over coffee and much excitement, the trees found their new home!  

Rosalind Stoddart FRSA, Independent Cultural Engineer

More good fortune followed as lovely Back To Books member and Nursery Manager for AES Europe Ann Leonard, along with Proprietor - Mr Robert Cockroft and Operations Manager - Mr Anthony McKenna  -  donated the stakes and mesh to protect the young trees.

Ann Leonard

ES Europe Website

This happy set of circumstances led to a wonderful Jubilee Woods Tree Planting Day on Saturday February 18th and many members of Back To Books were on hand to plant the trees. We planted 106 trrees, 105 hawthorn, hazel, silver birch, rowan, wild cherry, dogwood and one walnut tree. There was also a special tree grown from a seed from one of the Royal Estates. It was a wild, windy, wonderful day of poems, planting, stories and cake, a fantastic way to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and to help make a new woodland around an existing oak tree. Carole & Ros would like to thank everyone who came and helped to make it such a special day!

To celebrate the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth ll's 2012 Diamond Jubilee, the Woodland Trust is helping millions of people across the UK to come together to plant 6 million trees. There is still time to apply for a Community Planting pack and you can find out how at the Jubilee Woods Website

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