Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Houghton Crossing

Back To Books February Photography Walk explored Brampton Valley Way from Houghton Crossing heading north to Lamport Bridle Way, taking in Lamport, Hanging Houghton and returning to the start point at Houghton Crossing. After weeks of dull weather we had the most beautiful day both for walking and taking pictures.

We entered the cool, tree lined cycle track
then followed a well trodden path 
up a hill, past grazing cattle.
Photographers from various parts of the County, 
walked, talked and
 captured the moments.
Eventually our path lead us back to the main road 

and Lamport where we noticed
the detail and the bigger picture,
a leaf caught in a lace curtain,

a curvaceous bench awaiting sitters.
and design.
A sequence of patchwork
and tapestry brickwork.
Words set in stone
and fairytale roof tiles caught in mellow shadows.
To our right the green field beckoned,
 an unplanned pathway called us from the roadside,
inviting us to reconnect with the soft grass,
whilst taking in the stately, dormant trees.
Walkers held hands,
Sonja found a pheasant feather to adorn her hat.
We remarked to each other that we had all 
 driven past these fields and houses in cars. 
The walk through the landscape made us wonder 
why we hadn't taken the time to stop before.
Photograph by Andrew Rushton
It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon,
in company, in the fresh air, enjoying
the tantalising promise of Spring.

You can see the photos from this walk here

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