Singing Ringing

Singing Ringing was a temporary installation by artist Carole Miles at All Saints Church, Holdenby Road, Holdenby

The tree contains over 100 copper plant tags impresses with words and phrases that describe what singing means to a wide variety of people. Some from the Deep Roots Tall Trees Choir, others who sent their contributions via social media.

The piece was inspired by the exhortation on the organ to Sing and to a chance meeting with a wonderful couple who were celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary. Carole had lost her singing voice for many years then rediscovered it, whilst Gillian had been heard singing in the outhouse, sent for singing lessons, won a place at Music College but could not take it up as WWII began. Carole and Gillian entered the church together and Carole asked if they could sing something together but sadly Gillian could no longer sing. Carole was determined to make  piece that said something about this meeting. The piece is about the shared experiences and strange connections that singing brings.

Den, Gillian and Jenson

Sir Christopher Hatton, Elizabeth I’s Lord Chancellor, moved the village of Holdenby when he built his mansion; the church now lies remote and isolated beside fields and a pond, beyond the gardens of Holdenby House. A fine building of local ironstone, it is largely 14th-century but the chancel was rebuilt in 1845 and Sir George Gilbert Scott restored the church in 1867.

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Contributors and Contributions to Singing Ringing

Ann Gray - Joy & happiness

Atomic Uke -
Some sing.
Some shout.
Some just shake it all about.
A poem by @omicuke.

Sonia Hawes Soaring spirit

Paul Conneally losing myself
Willy Gilder I so wish I could sing
Paul Conneally You can
Willy Gilder Persuade me, please

Michelle Griffiths visceral catharsis

Nita Nathwani joy, release, necessity

Sheree Bell Singing is the conveyance of my soul. It has been with me from the beginning and the day I no longer want to sing will be the day I am ready to leave. I don’t have control over it, it’s an innate part of me, bestowed long ago. I feel the ancient alignment and deep deep emotion of its being accompanying me all the time.

Jenny Newell Easy, like breathing.

Brian Taylor The human voice, the human mind, the spirit of a lark.

Michelle Griffiths anxiety and vulnerability

Brian Taylor
The human voice, the human mind, the spirit of a lark.
The essence of eternity within Forever,s Ark.

Pamela Harrison singing gives wings to my inner self

Willy Gilder Actually, my statement is meant both as I so wish that I could sing well, and I so wish that I had the opportunity to join in with singing. I have no faith, but I miss communal hymn singing. I have become convinced that the ubiquity of recorded music has robbed us of the everyday delight of communal singing. Not in a choir, but round a campfire, or down the pub.

Elena Thomas I have always been a shower singer, but recently joined a songwriting group, which obviously necessitates singing for, to and with others. I am shocked by what a deeply emotional experience this is, and that everyone feels it, and supports the first ventures into it, because they understand. After the first session, somewhat nerve-wracking, I sat in the car and cried. It reaches deep inside you and wrenches things about... especially when you sing the words you have written, and others join in...

Lucy Anderson Having a voice in the world - hearing little me belt out into the ether

Martin Baldock At the moment, singing out loud for me only happens when I’m on my own in my car, or at home when Mrs B is out.. But I find it to be liberating, cathartic experience. Still terrified someone might hear though

Annie Dalton Singing lights us up inside and the soul comes out of hiding

Martin Baldock or, To sing or not to sing, that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous warbling, or to take arms against a sea of giggles, and by singing, end them

Ann Leonard Singing makes me a hero in the eyes of my cat.

Sheila Royce Singing is freedom, a release and an expression of our inner self. But most of all singing is fun!!

Janice Crane Davis love singing even though rubbish at it ...get me in touch with me ! like Shelia its fun and uplifing missing the choir ...great source of giggles and letting go for me. I’m Buddhist so chant twice daily .....the sound we make alone and a collective can be very much about getting in rhythm at one with universe! dont laugh im serious : ) For asthmatics using voice the breath is a great way to maintaining wellness. Hope I’m well enough for outings soon, so miss the choir ....its about being part of something special, a community, is escapism, my matter how good or bad we are, as a collective we have created something truly SUPERB singing You are wonderful singer been lovely watching you, your voice build in confidence ...that festival was wonderful your a natural on a big stage

Edlin Larkin Singing is the unveiling one’s inner being, transforming into another person completely, and knowing what you are doing is making others listen and look and see the vibrations so rarely seen or not expected, an instant transformation which stirs up an air of call it importance and brazen modesty. All this said when singing is pleasant you know what I mean

Allan Davies Fun, a sort of thinking aloud, drowning out the noise in my head

Heather Hevzy Crane I love singing as it brings me happiness when I am down and everlasting joy to other peoples lives. Its very uplifting. xx

Annette Driver It’s the only thing in this world that is truly MINE!! you can’t take it steal it or stop it, mine. x love it x

Sue Carverhill My way of sharing an experience of music I love and it’s very energising.
Chris Demanuel joy and inspiration !

Sheila Ferguson Takes me to where I’m not.

Hoolala Circus Music has charms to soothe the savage breast.

Allan Davies The intangible given voice

feelings and connect with deeper levels of consciousness !
Music makes me happy, it fills my soul and allows it to1

Sheree Bell Release

Johanne Hudson-Lett  release, rejuvenating
Dan Thompson Something best kept to myself
Angela-Gaye Mallory singing reaches my soul
Sheila Royce Frees the mind... positive energy. That’s probably two!
Jenny Smith Music means sweet memories for me.

Carolyn Bantin From tuesday... driving windows down singing loud.....

Ann Gray Music fills your heart

Sofi-Ona Hamer Music gives your heart wings and stirs your soul to dance!

Anna Francis Singing stops the baby crying x

By the way. Today it has been she’ll be coming round the mountain
Eddie Askew singing affects your emotions

Tina Lucas-Varnfield singing belays fears

Linda Norris singing is making something beautiful with others

Linda Johns I love to sing ... as long as the music is loud enough that even I can’t hear me ...

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