Marking A Fine Line Mosaic Way Marker Project 2012 / 2013

"Marking a Fine Line" - a mosaic project inspired by the Back To Books project "On The Right Track" , an inclusive arts and health project exploring the landscape and history of the Brampton Valley through walking / cycling, photography, story telling and up-cycling which took place in 2011 / 2012. 

The Brampton Valley way stretches between Northampton and Market Harborough and follows the route of a former railway line. The project engaged participants in a range of mosaic workshops. The mosaics were designed and the workshops run by professional artist, Carole Miles who has wide experience making community mosaics. She worked with members from Corby, Kettering, Northampton and Litchborough, workshops will taking place in a variety of different locations and in Carole's studio. The project will culminate in the creation of 12 way markers in the form of a series of mosaic panels to be sited along the Brampton Valley Way. These will add colour & life to a beautiful if underutilized stretch of countryside.

It took three years to raise the funding for the project which has come from Northamptonshire Community Foundation and The Midlands Cooperative Society Making a Difference Fund. The project has been supported by Rangers at Brixworth Country Park and in particular by former Ranger Chris Howe. Progress has often been delayed by the weather and Artist Carole Miles has  spent many extra unpaid hours to ensure the success of this ambitious project. 

Huge thanks to Carolyn Bantyn, GreenStep, The Green Patch, Ranger Dan Hurst, Brixworth Country Park for all the temporary work space, voluntary work, extra help, love, care and support that you have given to the installation stage of this project. Without you we would not have managed to get this work installed along the Brampton Valley Way. Thank you also to all those who came and worked on the panels, particularly Lucy Anderson who was a shed session regular throughout the summer months of 2013!

You can follow the progress of "Marking a Fine Line" chronologically by following the links below.

If you have enjoyed this project and would like to help us continue to create projects that the community can participate in you can support Back To Books by making a donation at our Local Giving Page

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