Wednesday 27 August 2014


We are very sad, disheartened and furious to report that some time in the last week the Spratton Weather Vane panel has been stolen from the Brampton Valley Way Cycle Path. It took three years and many hours of hard work to secure the funding to make this project a reality. You can read about how artist Carole Miles designed and made the panel, how long it took and what inspired it here

We took care to site this in a place that would not be easily accessible.The panels were screwed and glued to prevent theft / vandalisation.

Carole Miles, Dan Hurst, Ranger at Brixworth Country Park and project participant Carolyn Bantin are hugely disappointed in the members of the community who thought it was okay to steal or damage a piece of work belonging to the community. 

Mark and Ricky who volunteered their time, skill, care and energy to make and install the frames and posts for the set of mosaics are disgusted that their efforts to make something beautiful for their community has been wasted.

 You can see how much pride they took in a job well done,

 a job done by and for the community.

If anyone has any information about the theft of this public artwork please contact Park Ranger Dan Hurst  0160 - 488 9478 or report any suspicious activity near the panel to Northamptonshire Police Force

The project was made possible with funding raised by Back To Books a not for profit community organisation and 


  1. "Devastated that all the hard work put into it has been lost. It is such a large piece that someone must have seen something. Any information please contact the police on 101." Carolyn Bantin

  2. "On behalf of the Foundation we are deeply disappointed on the theft of one of the mosaics and hope that it can be recovered. As a funder of the project and having had the pleasure of visiting and viewing them along the Brampton Valley way we note the hard work of the group and the joy and pleasure the mosaics have and continue to give to community members and the general public alike.

    Kind Regards

    Rachel McGrath
    Northamptonshire Community Foundation"

  3. "Some terrible people out there. So sorry to hear that some horrid person has spoilt your groups hard work." D Ward

  4. "How b....y aggravating! Its heavy, and was very securely attached - someone went to a lot of trouble to get this.Of course its also evidence that these beautiful mosaics are incredibly desirable." A Leonard

  5. "Unbelievable and sad, hope they get caught" S Hawes

  6. "That is absolutely disgusting! How can people be so wicked? What pleasure do they get out of it? I really hope it turns up along with an apology and a re-instatement of it to it's previous site. Feeling for you all." G Dredge

  7. " What a shame. I enjoy seeing the artwork when I run along the BVW. Hope it gets returned somehow." K Lamb

  8. " I do hope it gets recovered and put back so everyone can get to see it." Marvellous Read


  9. "The mosaics are such a delight and I have enjoyed viewing them on my walks. Very sad that one has been stolen." Aimhigher Northants

  10. What a moronic act of greed. At least it draws attention to the work and thoughtfulness behind the project; which is truly inspiring. Bravo.