Sunday, 22 July 2012

July Photography Walk Northampton and Lamport Station

It was another rainy day

the clouds were ominous

the vegetation

lush, green and rain spangled.

Not the most photogenic sky

but a great day to road test wellington boots

and watch the rain making ripples in muddy puddles.

We had a wonderful time exploring the countryside

looking at the Evening Primrose and Thistles

growing wild on the railway embankment.

We found another signal box

and plenty of interesting rolling stock.

In spite of the rain there was still

 much colour to be seen.

We didn't forget to.....

before we reached the bridge on our return journey.

Slug by special request from the children!

The full set of the photographs from the walk can be viewed on the Flickr Set here where you can enjoy many of the textures and colours found on the engines and rolling stock in and around the station of the Northampton & Lamport Railway

1 comment:

  1. The children enjoyed the walking and puddle splashing despite the
    miserable weather! Louise